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Absent Healing
Healing that takes place when the healer is not in direct contact with the person to be healed, they may be a few or many thousands of miles away, but use energy to bring about a healing state. The healer taps into that healing energy and directs it to the recipient to allow the body to gain the energy and heal itself. It is the universal energy that can be tapped into by anyone and used for healing of any living thing.
Altered State of Consciousness
A term used to refer to any state of consciousness that is different from 'normal' states of waking or sleeping. Altered State of Consciousness include hypnosis, trance, and meditative experience. This state does not necessarily have paranormal connotations however, many psychics, psychometrist and mediums do reach this state as they perform mediumistic readings.
Angels and Guardian Angels
Benevolent spiritual beings that help people in need. Many cultures firmly believe in Angels and Guardian Angles. They are thought to be spirits whom have chosen never to incarnate (be born in to the world and experience it) But have devoted themselves to helping those of us who have.

Angelic Kingdom

Member's of the Angelic Realms are etheric in nature...pure spirit...providing all manner of support to humans in the form of guidance, healing, protection and divine intervention, when necessary. These divinely-sourced Beings embody the primary qualities of unconditional love, non-judgment and dedication to service. The angelic attitude is always positive. Angelic energies are the divine, "omnipresent glue" that holds together and supports our experience of humanity here on Earth. One of their principle roles is the fulfilment of the intentions created by humans. Different angelic beings carry varying levels of capabilities, wisdom and experience, which determine where each serves in the angelic hierarchy. The Angelic Realms emanate from a very high vibrational level of Prime Creator, actually from a level vibrationally beyond our Universe. These angelic energies project outward through the many layers of angelic hierarchy, as they spread out to be of service throughout our Universe and beyond.


One of the levels within the Angelic Kingdom. Within this strata there are seven Archangels. We list here the names that we are familiar with, along with the particular dominant energetic value each embodies: Michael (Love), Raphael (Courage), Gabriel (Joy), Uriel (Beauty), Raziel (Loyalty), Zadkiel (Purity) and Zephron (Compassion). Please note: There may be other names associated with the Archangel energies. The naming process is simply a device to assist humans in identifying with these wonderful beings and are not to be considered as limiting in any way. All Angels function in support of all cultures, all religions, all around the globe with perhaps various names within different human cultural traditions.

Ascended Masters

Twelve high vibrational, spiritual Beings sourced by the Maitreya energy, collectively operating through all of their aspects as the 9th density band of energies. They offer their wisdom and guidance, as they participate at this very high level of God consciousness. Traditionally, for convenience in communication, names have been assigned by humans to the Ascended Master energies, often reflecting their incarnational lifetimes. These powerful Beings are much greater than the Earth incarnations associated with them, which reflect only a tiny fraction of their energies. Each Ascended Master has chosen a dominant energetic quality to infuse into his or her particular range of experience. We call this the particular "Divine Virtue" of each of the Ascended Masters. They each have their own focus, expertise, and range of experience to offer. Based on our communications to date, our most appropriate "naming" of the Ascended Masters has resulted in the following listing: Ascended Masters Babaji, Buddha, El Morya, Hilarion, Krishna, Kuthumi, Lady Mary, Lady Nada, Lanto, Sananda, Serapis Bey and St. Germain. See each Ascended Master’s name for his/her dominant Divine Virtue description.
Astral Body or the Ka also thought of as the soul
A term used by spiritualists and many cultures to refer to an etheric copy or "double" of the person's physical body. The astral body is understood to be separable (detachable) from the physical body during astral projection (out of body experience) and at the time of death. As far back and beyond such cultures as the Ancient Egyptian believed in the double or astral body.
Astral Plane
In this Solar System, it is believed that there are five major planes of consciousness. The first being the physical plane, or earth plane on which we and any other physical life forms The second is thought to be the astral plane, which is a plane of existence that bears a striking resemblance to the earth plane. Almost in the same way that we are thought to have a soul, this can be thought off as the earth's soul or astral. The lower levels of the astral plane (sometimes referred to as the etheric plane) are where we may find ghosts, lost spirits, and the souls of those who died suddenly or violently and are earth bound as they don't realise that they have passed over and have not moved on to the next plane. According to some the spirits of those whose bodies are being kept alive by artificial means are also to be found here. The higher astral planes are where the more evolved souls rest and re-gather their resources, and reflect in order to prepare for their next incarnation. The planes beyond the astral are the mental (Or heaven), the Buddhic, and the plane of full solar consciousness.

Astral Travel:

Also called soul travel and astral projection and out of body experience. The phenomena in which the nonphysical or astral body disengages from the physical body and in that state consciously experiences other physical realities or distant astral planes.

This is probably why witches were thought to be able to travel on broomsticks, they were in effect astral travelling.


An energy field which surrounds living beings. An aura is most often visible only to those born with the skill to see it, or those who developed this ability. A visible aura contains various colours and tells about the spiritual and emotional persona of the plant, human, or creature surrounded by it. However, an aura can also be felt, heard, or sensed through other means.


Etheric vortexes or centres of energy located at various places over the physical body. There are seven major chakras, each serving as an energetic centre for a given subtle body. Most humans have many more than the traditional seven major chakras that we are familiar with. The chakras beyond the major seven are arranged as progressively larger and larger funnel shaped etheric centres located over the head. This progression of chakras represents the individual’s connection to divine universal energy, call it the "connection or Lineage back to Source." The chakras also serve to vitalize the body by absorbing universal energy. Each chakra has its own particular dominant energetic function


We are all potential vehicles for channelling spiritual energies...whether it is our own Higher Self energies or other etheric Beings. Channelling can take many forms - from "automatic writing" to telepathic communications to simply "knowing." As one raises personal vibration, expands consciousness and clears personal energy fields, there is an increasing level in the quality and clarity of these etheric communications.

Clairvoyance or "Clear Seeing"

,is the gift of seeing objects, animals or people in the mind’s eye, in fact anything that others cannot see. For some, this is their normal vision state; others have to adjust their mind with training in meditation alongside Spirit helpers to pick it up. Some Mediums [the Clairvoyant] see a Spirit form in the flesh so to speak, as though the person is real, seeing the vibration of the bodily form here on the earth plane beside others perhaps beside themselves, Some Mediums see the Spirit form in their head [minds eye], also they can see things as a movie or a television programme, some just get a still form like a photograph in their mind,

Clairaudience or "Clear Hearing"

, is the gift of hearing Spirit voices from the Spirit World, which are not audible to other people who are even next to the Medium who is hearing the Spirit World. Some Mediums hear as though they are listening to a person talking to them on the outside of their head, it is as though the Spirit is next to or near to the Medium, and other Mediums hear the voices within their head/mind as a thought .

Claircognizant: (clear knowing)

A knowingness that is very clear and makes itself known in your consciousness. This could be a thought or idea and can also be in the form of a profound revelation.

Clairsentience or "Clear Sensing",

 is the gift of extra feeling, or having an impression of what is being given by Spirit, it is received by the Medium from the higher vibrational plane of Spirit. Quite a lot of people throughout the world have this gift but we do not call them Mediums, nor do they wish to become Mediums, they are generally just called sensitives or extra sensitive people.

Clairsentience or "Clear Feeling"',

 this is a gift where the Medium, giving proof of the existence of life continuing, can take on the ailments of the person who is now in the World of Spirit, feeling the same problem of that person had whilst they were here on the earth plane. If they had pains in their joints when they were on this side of the veil the Medium will feel it. As they will if the link in Spirit suffered with heart problems, cancer, stomach problems, loss of a limb, tumour on the brain. These feeling go when the Medium acknowledges the Spirit being there.

Clairalience or "Clear Smelling",
A lot of sensitive people can smell the odour of the person who is not on the earth plane. They can sometimes smell their pipe tobacco, cigarette tobacco, food smells, different spices as though they are coming from a kitchen. Some Mediums can smell the places where the deceased person worked.
Clairgustance or "Clear Tasting",
this is where the Medium can taste the foods, liquid and anything that goes into the mouth of the deceased person, it is tasted by the Medium. This is given by those in Spirit to confirm it is the correct person being contacted. Taste within the mouth can at times be strong as though the medium/sensitive has taken it in their mouth this is “objective” clear tasting. “Subjectively” is when it is put as a thought in the mind.

Deja Vu
A person's feeling that current events have been experienced before.
Empathy or Empathic
The ability to understand the experience or emotional state of another person or animal. Often used to refer to an apparently psychic ability to experience another person's sensations, pain or emotions. Empathic. The ability to feel what another feels (near) and to then manifest those feelings in one's body, mind, and/or spirit.

Direct Voice

This type of mediumship was made famous by Leslie Flint (1911–1994) who was a most famous medium of post war Britain. He had the distinction of being an ‘independent direct voice’ medium. This is a type of physical mediumship whereby ectoplasm was said to be drawn from his body to create an artificial voice box positioned in the air. Spirits could speak through the voice box and all present at the séance could hear.

By etheric, we mean "not of this physical plane of experience." Etheric energies operate in the higher density planes of experience. Examples of etheric energies are: the human energy field of chakras and subtle bodies, auras, body meridians, Earth ley lines and energy grids, Reiki energies, etc.

Extrasensory Perception (ESP)
Paranormal acquisition of information. Includes clairvoyance, telepathy and precognition. A general term used to describe most skills of a psychic nature Guide A spirit who is believed to assist a person's spiritual journey, differing often from angels and guardian angel There "Job" may be to a person in psychic communication. Some are thought to be life long assistants however, many psychics report that their "Guide" can sometimes be replaced by a new guide.


This means to be in your physical body and conscious of your surroundings. Grounding is essential for those that are seeking spiritual development.

Higher Self

Aspect of "Self" that resides in the higher density levels of one's experience - one's true awareness and God connection. There can be many aspects/layers of Higher Self (call them Soul, Oversoul or Higher Self directly) representing different aspects of consciousness that are being played out throughout time/space, be it earth-human or otherwise.

Hindu and Buddhist ethical doctrine of "as one sows, so shall one reap”. Hence the saying "Do as you would be done by" There is a belief that all deeds good and or bad will be answered for and debts repaid for any misdemeanours in this lifetime or the next.
Kirlian Photography
A photographic method involving high frequency electric current, discovered by S.D. & V. Kirlian in the Soviet Union. Kirlian photographs often show coloured halos or "auras" surrounding objects. Many ancients texts, cave drawings and carvings are often depicted showing this energy field around living things. Perhaps at one time in out past, many more people were able to view them?

A discipline in which the mind is focused on a single point of reference. Employed since ancient times in various forms by all religions, the practice gained greater notice in the post-war U.S. as interest in Zen Buddhism rose. Meditation is now used by many nonreligious adherents as a method of stress reduction; known to lower levels of cortisol, a hormone released in response to stress. Enhances recuperation and improves the body’s resistance to disease.
A person who acts as an intermediary between discarnate entities and the living.

Mental Mediumship

See clairvoyance and clairsentients etc.
The paranormal awareness of future events.
A person who exhibits psychic ability. In this instance it is not necessary for a psychic to have a mediumistic link and would read the aura of the likely possibilities that would exist for the person recieving the reading. You can also think of these skills as your gut instinct if you prefer!
It is thought possible that memories of the past can be embedded into objects or locations and many psychics have shown that information from objects is possible to glean. Metal objects are is extremely useful to psychics for this purpose, as they seem to hold the most "Charge" and memories.
Physical mediumship

Physical phenomena (e.g., levitation, automatic writing, and poltergeist and ectoplasmic activities). Ectoplasm is the mysterious visible substance in which the forces of the “other world” materialize. Closely related to the concept of the ectoplasm is the aura, a coloured emanation that supposedly surrounds all individuals and that can be perceived by the medium. By noting variations in the hues of a person’s aura, the medium is able to describe his personality, needs, and illnesses. The shrivelling of the aura is considered a sign of an impending death. In what is known as solar plexus voice mediumship, a spirit appears to speak through a medium’s body.

The belief that certain aspects of a person's being (e.g. consciousness, personality, or soul) survives death and can be reborn in a new body at some future date. Reincarnation is often seen as a repeating cycle of death and rebirth in which future lives are influenced by past and present actions through the law of karma.

Rescue Circle/work:

This is work which is carried out by mediums of healers where the channels(Mediums) are endeavouring to release earth bound souls to the light. The pull to the earth for some departed souls is so great and they are so materially attached to the earth and can't let go of possessions or people to take his place in the spirit world. With the aid of spirit helpers (guides) the channels will encourage the earth bound sole to go towards the light where they will undoubtedly be reunited with loved ones in the spirit world.


Spiritual means that which relates to spirit or 'soul' and that which is intangible as opposed to physical matter. It can also mean relating to sacred things, generally the church or religion. Spiritual can also refer to your mind and / or emotions being of a high or refined quality


A belief that the human soul survives death and can communicate with the living through a medium sensitive to its’ vibrations. The communication may be as in clairvoyance or trance speaking, or physical, as in automatic writing or materialization.


Is a form of mediumship in which the medium puts their own consciousness to one side and allows a communicator, or communicators, from the world of Spirit to speak directly to the recipients using the mediums voice box.At times this can also be seen as changes in the position and appearance of the body, with an overshadowing  or transfiguration of the facial features being noticeable on occasions. With some trance mediums the voice characteristics can change dramatically, but with others the voice may change very little from that of the mediums regular speaking voice

Third Eye:

The psychic eye, not physically visible, but mental. Located in the middle of the forhead.



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