Private sittings from Malcolm Putland of mediumship and spirit drawings from Lesleigh are available.

About Malcolm

I have always been interested in psychic communication. At the age of sixteen I went for my first reading with a member of a famous Romany family. I maintained this interest throughout my life. I was born in Eastbourne and lived and worked in every major town on the Sussex coast. I now live in Worthing. I started my working life as a clerk in a building society, I progressed to the position of branch manager at the tender age of 24. From a young age I have always read the tarot cards and given palm readings for family and friends, my grandmother used to read the tea leaves, my aunt the playing cards.

My own development started a few years later, at one of my clairvoyant readings, it was mentioned that I may well enjoy going to a spiritualist church. In my ignorance at that time I was unaware of what they were, I decided to find out if there was a local spiritualist church, went to a service and at the end of the service the chairperson said, “We have an awareness group every Wednesday”. I thought that’s just up my street and hence I started my own development.

I work as a platform medium in Spiritualist Centres/Churches and at public demonstrations. I make myself available to do private readings by appointment and as an instrument for spirit will provide proof of life everlasting. I along with Lesleigh are one of the organisers of The Beacon of Light, The Travelling Lantern, The Lantern of Light and the Sacred Space Healing Centres and act as a facilitator for various mediumistic development and healer training groups throughout the week. I do involve myself in other alternative therapy and am a Reiki master and I am involved in the chaplaincy team at the local children's hospital.

About Lesleigh

 I have always been aware of the Spiritual connection in my life, and have been giving advice to friends and family on a regular basis. I was born in Sydenham, London, and have lived in Forest Hill, Streatham and Croydon and now live in Sussex. I started life working as a trainee pharmacist, but found I was too creative for the job. I then trained as a make-up artist and qualified in 1976. I also studied interior decorating, painting murals in people’s homes and paint effects which can create something beautiful.

I was told by the spirit world over 20 years ago that they wanted me to do spirit art. When I understood the mechanics of mediumship I started to develop this. I always said that I didn’t like drawing people so that is most probably why I do not see spirit, they move the pencils for me and I am just the instrument for this to happen through.

I work as an instrument for spirit to bring through information for the sitter of upliftment and to prove that life is eternal. This is normally in connection with the spirit art. I also work as a platform medium in Centres/Churches and at public demonstrations for which I make myself available for spirit to work through me. I along with Malcolm are one of the organisers of The Beacon of Light, The Travelling Lantern, The Lantern of Light and the Sacred Space Healing Centres and act as a facilitator for various mediumistic development and healer training groups throughout the week. I do involve myself in other alternative therapy and am a Reiki master. Crystal Healer & qualified to offer Indian head massage.

Guidance notes for sitters

Private sittings are in the form of spirit communication, just as you would see at a demonstration in a theatre, spiritual centre or spiritualist church. The only difference is they are done in a more intimate environment. A private sitting should be both an enjoyable experience and should be evidential and confirm that the communication is from the spirit world, usually, but not always, from a loved one who has passed onto the higher life.

Any sitting given is always an experiment as no guarantees can be given that the medium will, although they usually do, bring forward the person you are endeavouring to communicate with. Often people come for a sitting not knowing what to expect and how to work with the medium.

So what do I need to do in a sitting?

Please, just sit comfortably and relax, the experience in no way should create fear but brings forward love and encouragement. All you need to do is to answer yes or no or I don't understand as truthfully as you can. Don't say Yes to please and Don't say No to be awkward. If you do need to say you don't understand the medium would go back to the spirit world to ask for clarification. When a link is confirmed this often brings the communicator closer to the medium, so a much stronger link can be made. Please don't use the expression maybe as no medium can work easily with that vibration, if you don't understand, say so. You are not rubbing the mediums ego by confirming the link, you are just helping to strengthening the link and helping the medium move on to provide more information in the time available. Most of all keep an open mind, as anyone whose lives you may of touched in some way, could be a likely communicator. If for example your great grandfather comes through, which you hardly or never knew in his lifetime, (you may not know them but they know you) but you recognised a name, description or trait, and say he was to bring forward his strength, and strength, in a given situation was what you needed, then accept him. This will undoubtedly lead on to another and possibly closer link.

Will I be told my future?

No! A medium may be given information of guidance & encouragement from a love one in the world of spirit which often helps people with decisions they make, this is usually an affirmation of what the sitter was thinking anyway and it was known to that person's higher self. If you are seeking a fortune telling experience you should seek out a good psychic. This is a person who reads your auric field and advises you, based on the possibilities that they see within your auric field. We would advise that these are only likely possibilities and can be self prophesying. You should never live you life by the results of a psychic reading as so often happens.

Malcolm's Reading Testimonials

Absolutely lovely Private Reading Has made me think a lot. Never thought Malcolm could bring so many people to me but he did.
Thank you so much CH

Wonderful private reading with Malcolm, lots of lovely relatives coming through, very comforting
Thank you so much SC

Such a comfort to hear from my Dad who has just passed. So many family and friends came through as well. Feel Calm, and comforted
Thanks Malcolm you are amazing LG

The feeling is over whelming when you realise who has come through to you. This really has been amazing, its closed a lot of doors and I know feel a whole load of worries and guilt has gone
Thank you so much CG
Your reading was mind blowing so accurate and honest. I would reccomend Malcolm to anyone. He is such a lovely giving human being

The reading was very accurate, I will recommend you to my family & friends. I got inspiration from your wisdom & understanding

My question was answered straightaway at the very beginning and again at the end. I Know what to do now
Thanks I would like to come back R

Thankyou for reminding me of all the people I had forgot over the years and how much they meant to me. It was a lovely relaxing reading
Thank you G

Thank you so much for a very intense & interesting reading. This was must first one & I really will be coming back

I found my session to be so enlightening and comforting. I certainly needed spiritual help and guidance at this time. I thank you for this morning & I will truly use all I learned to help myself
With love M

I would just like to say thank you so much for your amazi9ng reading. I couldn't believe what you got through for me. I have written down the notes and advice from my time with you and it will help me along my travels in Australia, I will highly recommend you as well
So thank you so much S

Thank you for a wonderful evening you managed to bring through a number of people, two of which I really wanted contact with so I am very Happy! Felt great to finally feel I know that contact can be made.
Thank you

Thank you for connecting so well with me and my relatives. I felt very comfortable & extremely happy with what you gave me
. Thank you for an enjoyable & accurate reading C




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